Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A great update!

Kato went for his checkup with the Oncologist on Sunday, June 8 and got a clean bill of health! :) His last chemo treatment was in early February and he's been doing really well except for some arthritis and stomach issues. He's on Deramaxx daily which really seems to help. I haven't been able to resolve the stomach issues yet, but am now going to try a daily pepcid, so we'll see. He's gained a bit of weight, so I may cut his food down a little, but other than that he continues to look and feel great! I am thrilled!

I hope all is well with everyone! Have a great summer!

Love, Dee & Kato

PS...Kato loves bully sticks and is eating two at once in the above pic. He wedges them in between the sections of the couch. I guess it's more fun to eat them that way. lol


tara said...

Great news !!
I am so happy that you guys made it through this, and grateful that you kept us informed the entire time, Dee. Like I said, of all the people I know, you two deserved this the least.
You handled it like stars, and I applaud you both!

Dee & Kato said...

Thanks so much, Tara!
I can't tell you how grateful I am for all the support you've given us through this. I always look forward to your posts when I update.

Thanks for caring about us! :)

tetralina said...

I am a bit late with my congratulations but they are just as heart-felt! I am so glad to hear the news and still think of you guys all the time. Sending lots of love and best wishes. :)