Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally, an update.

It's been over a year since Kato's last chemo treatment and he's still in remission! :)

He's been having some issues with his stomach so he'll be seeing his oncologist for a check up sometime next week.

Kate's had a really good year and I'm hoping he'll have many more. I'll post an update after his vet visit.


tara said...

I am keeping fingers crossed that everything is okay! I was thinking about you guys a lot while I was waiting for Lilith's biopsy results, so I am happy to hear that it has been a whole year for Kato! Keep us posted!

Dee & Kato said...

Thanks, Tara! I didn't know if anyone still checked his blog, but I thought I'd update just in case.

I didn't realize Lilith's biopsy results were in and just checked P&P. Congrats!!!
(I don't know how I missed it as I check "the brain" every day.)

Give Lilith & Nietzsche a hug from me. :)

tetralina said...

Hi Dee and Kato,

I am so overjoyed to hear that he has been doing well. I check in from time to time and my very best hopes were fulfilled when I saw your update. Hope you are having signs of Spring there. Our cherry blossoms are out and I am sending some to you virtually now. :)

Dee & Kato said...

Hi T-3,

It's wonderful to see you! How is everyone?

Thanks so much for checking on Kato. I'm afraid the good news was short-lived. :( I'll be posting a new update sometime this week.

Please give my best to The FE!

Sending hugs to all.


I have rescued two pit bulls myself. They are a joy to have in your life. I pray your little buddy hangs in there. I would be lost without my two, Caesar and Grace. :)